Watch, Wait and Wonder

An Infant or Child-Led Intervention Aimed at the Troubled Parent-Child Relationship

Watch, Wait and Wonder

Watch, Wait and Wonder is a child led psychotherapeutic approach that specifically and directly uses the infant’s spontaneous activity in a free play format to enhance maternal sensitivity and responsiveness, the child’s sense of self and self-efficacy, emotion regulation, and the child-parent attachment relationship. The approach provides space for the infant/child and parent to work through developmental and relational struggles through play. Also central to the process is engaging the parent to be reflective about the child’s inner world of feelings, thoughts and desires, through which the parent recognizes the separate self of the infant and gains an understanding of her own emotional responses to her child. Because of the central role of the infant/child in the intervention and the relationship focus, Watch, Wait and Wonder differs from other interventions which tend to focus primarily on the more verbal partner, the parent. Read more…

Upcoming Workshops

To arrange a workshop, or if you have questions, please contact Dr. Mirek Lojkasek:

Mirek Lojkasek, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Clinical and Developmental Psychologist
Private Practice

14 Prince Arthur Ave, Suite 314
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1A9

Tel: 416-944-8686

Workshop participants are advised to purchase the workshop manual which is an indispensable tool as they begin to practice WWW.

Muir, E., Lojkasek, M., Cohen, N. (1999).
Watch, Wait and Wonder: A manual describing a dyadic infant-led approach to problems in infancy and early childhood.
Published by the Hincks-Dellcrest Institute.

For a manual please email